Description: ZL Series Bottom Drived Cone Mill is widely used in pharmaceutical, food and chemical industry.In line with JB/T20061-2005.

Main Features:

In line with GMP;
Material contact parts adopt stainless steel;
Drive device is at the bottom of granulating room, with short working height,easy for connecting with granulating device;
Produce different sizes of granule through adjust the space between sieve and crushing knift,or the speed of the motor;
Sieve and Crushing Knife are easy for dismantlement and clean;
Adjusted by inverter,easy for operation;

Main Technical Parameters:

Model ZL150 Zl300 Zl500
Capacity:(kg/h) 75-300* 150-600* 300-1200*
Sieve Size:(mm) 1.2/1.5/2.0/5.0/8.0 1.2/1.5/2.0/5.0/8.0 1.2/1.5/2.0/5.0/8.0
Rotating Speed:(rpm) 400-1400 400-1400 400-1400
Power:(kW) 0.37 1.50 3.00
 Inlet Height:(mm) 750-120 1200 1200
Size:L×W×H(mm) 600×800×1200 800×700×1300 900×640×1200
Weight:(kg) 85 120 160
Working Noise:(dB) 80 80 80

*Note: the capacity is related to the material density and liquidity.

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