GL220 Series Rotary Tablet Press

Model:GL-220 Series Rotary Tablet Press

Description: GL-220 Series Rotary Tablet Press features small size, light weight, large load, stable transmission, high automation and easy operation, etc. it is a special multifunctional equipment with wide applicability in medicine factory, research & development centre, lab, hospital and drugstore for small batch production.

· Design of GMP
· Double impeller force feeder
· Auto tablet weight control
· Double forming process
· Reliable safety sealing & dust-proof system
· Easy remove parts, easy operation and maintenance
· High visibility isolated windows
Main Technical Data
 Model ZP14
 Number of Stations 14 16
 Max. Output (tablets/h) 42,000 48,000
 Max. Tablet Dia. (mm)  Round 25 16
 Shaped 25 19
 Max. Depth of Fill (mm) 20 16
 Max. Tablet Thickness (mm) 8
 Max. Compression Force ( kN) 80
 Max. Pre-comp. Force (kN) 10
 Main Motor Power (kW) 3.2
 Power Supply According to the requirement of customer
 Overall Dimension (mm) 798x965x1,675
 Weight (kg) 900
 Unload Noise (dB (A)) ≤82
 Note The max. output refers to the quantity of pressing little tablets from ideal granular.
Suppliers of Main Components
No. Supplier Components
1 SIEMENS Low Voltage Electrics
3 Fuji Touch Screen
4 Delta Inverter
5 Bijur Lubrication System

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